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Why the Cloud?


Cloud technology is the most exciting change in technology this century so far.
No longer
will your staff be stuck in your office

They can have flexibility and work from home securely

It's time to keep good people (and attract good people) and provide them with flexible work options

No longer will you be left waiting for support, feeling powerless to complete work tasks

It's time to give the power back to your end user and give them what they want -

Easy to use

Easy to update

No longer do you need to spend lots of capital on constant upgrades, training and implementation.

It's time to leave clunky and superseded hardware and their associated costs behind
It's time to adopt and embrace the Cloud

Our Cloud Based Services Solve The


5 Biggest IT Problems Facing Your Business Today

1. Advanced Data Security

A common misconception about the cloud is that it’s not secure. However, in reality, it isn’t necessarily any more or less safe than... 

2. Affordable Capital Spend

Because office runs in the cloud, you don’t need servers for your website, emails or document storage. The cost savings are....

3. Collaborate anywhere in the world

One of the main benefits of Translucent Cloud is the capability to work from anywhere as long as you have...

4. Automatic updates

Translucent Cloud technology is always up to date because it’s in the cloud, so you’ll have access to the latest versions of...

5. Easy to Scale

Cloud based technology gives you flexibility to scale your business quickly as it can grow with you. Businesses have the ability to...

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