Let's do coffee- my new workplace

The work-from-home job force just got a big push from the current global pandemic, but even before 2020, increasing numbers of people have been saying goodbye to their onerous commute to work.

It's no longer necessary to be in an office full-time to be a productive member of the team. In fact, many kinds of work can be done just as effectively, if not more so, from a home office.

In fact, with the right tools, you can work from anywhere.

According to Forbes Finance councilor: Noah Berkson, the coffee shop has existed as a place for intellectuals, activists and artists to exchange ideas. The dawn of the world wide web only further solidified the relationship between coffee and work with the rise of internet cafes and, later, the availability of free wifi in most coffee shops. As WFH grows in popularity, Noel predicts that workers, especially young ones without families at home, will look for ways to escape their cramped apartments and remain productive. Coffee shops can capitalize on this rare opportunity by becoming the office away from home for thousands of young urbanites, thus regaining their title as the original kings of co-working.

Hundreds of thousands of people already work in coffee shops despite that not being their intended purpose. If a coffee chain were to invest in making some of their locations even more friendly to remote work, that chain could become the remote office of the future.

More people in their stores means more food and drink sales throughout the day, providing coffee shops with a revenue boost. Additionally, being more remote worker-friendly could differentiate a chain from its competitors, creating a more loyal customer base.

The traditional office may be dying, but urban living will not. The loneliness of the pandemic has taught us that being around other people is a mental health necessity.

The coffee shop has long existed as a secondary office for many due to the inextricable link between work and coffee. With the closure of office buildings around the country, coffee shops can take advantage of the work-from-home revolution by becoming a primary workstation for thousands.

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