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Accounting Cloud System Design Notes


Bringing together the technologies and solutions that benefit your business

With years of experience in countless Advising projects, we’re ready to take your business to the next level.
At Translucent, we combine our insights and knowledge on how your business can take advantage of the services available in the Cloud. We’re proud to help shape how leading companies structure and manage their IT Cloud solutions.


Successful Design, Installation, and configuration of the solution

We work closely with our clients to ensure the solution decided on will work for the business.
DESIGN the solution for the business utilising the software.
INSTALL the solution as designed.
CONFIGURE the solution to meet the business requirements.
TRAIN the solution for all users in the client business.

Modern Management
Extend the Cloud and Accounting Solution


We look after the solution for you

Cloud solutions can bring together many different vendors and technology types each of which require management and support.
We at Translucent will bring that management to one place to give you peace of mind and thus concentrate on your business and not the IT that supports it.
We can offer flexible management services that will fit the need of your business and complement the existing skills you have in that business.

Digital transformation is not just about technology; it is about reimagining your company. It is the necessary but challenging journey of operating digital-first with the speed and nimbleness to change or introduce new products and experiences rapidly, exploit technology to create lean operations, and free people to do more complex tasks that create value.


Enhance your investment

Translucent works with your business not just to manage the solution as implemented but also to ensure your business takes full advantage of the capabilities of existing and new software features.
We examine what your organisations is doing and provide pathways to enhance and further utilise the solutions available.
We also look at upcoming technologies and look to bring those that are relevant to your business.