What we do

Our Mission is for our consultants to provide expert service and patience, who understand the culture and values of Translucent, so that the implementation and utilisation of cloud technology for our clients is simple and effective for the end user

Why we do it

We love to help people. 

Our purpose is to change and simplify businesses end user’s technology experiences with personalised service.

We  genuinely want to help your business grow.

”We love seeing our clients' end users integrate Cloud technology and  make their work-life  easier.

How we do it

By understanding your businesses specific needs, we provide a detailed plan that is cost effective and easy to implement. 

Our consultants are committed to contributing exceptional support and patience.

The Driving Force of Translucent

Meet The Team

Our consultants understand the culture and values of Translucent:

To give exceptional service to our small client base

Peter Cutting


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As a young boy, I would love to pull things apart to see how they worked, so maybe I could improve them. My favourite things to pull apart was electronic stuff.   I was lucky that my dad created a space in his garage where I could tinker for hours with a good set of tools. After Completing a Bachelor in Accounting and working as a CPA, my childhood passion to pull things apart and make them work better would not leave me alone. 

I have transferred my unique set of skills of accounting and rebuilding to now offer small to medium businesses a holistic approach to their hardware and software needs.  

For the past 20 years I have been living my passion through the success of Translucent and Translucent Cloud.  Translucent is a business with a team of mobile consultants that strive to make it easy for the end user..  We provide services locally to a select number of businesses the South East of Melbourne.  This gives us the advantage of quick response times and minimal disruption for the end user.

Linda Jane

Strategic Consultant

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I am a Master NLP Coach who has been supporting individuals and businesses for over 20 years now.

I have worked and known Peter for nearly 15 years. My role at Translucent is to realise the vision through our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our leadership styles and values are aligned as follows:

  • The team is united around our common purpose.

  • Inspire employees through clearly communicating the company's vision

  • Have clear goals for the team and hold high expectations

  • Encouraging and provide support where needed

  • Encourage people to look past their self-interest, and work towards a common vision

  • Motivate and inspire enough to want to drive the business towards the vision

  • Have clear, outcome driven Communication

  • Performance Measurability

We both have a passion to help and improve the quality of our clients lives.

Brad Morris

Operations Manager

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I have enjoyed tinkering with computers since i was in high school.  

I have had a working relationship with Translucent for over 15 years and align with the Mission: To simplify the end users experience.  

My expertise:

  • Office365 Administration
  • Infrastructure Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in IT and services industry.
  • ITIL, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Databases, IT Service Management, and Servers.

Paul Cowley


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I enjoy helping and teaching people how to use technology/applications to enhance their skills and increase productivity.

My expertise:

  • Cloud services administration such as Office365

  • User & group management for desktop access, staff resources, telephony and many other services

  • Management of hardware & software deployments

  • Manage and maintain network infrastructure such as Windows Cluster, Wireless networks, etc.

  • Troubleshooting device related issues

  • Liaise with stakeholders & contractors such as electricians regarding anything I.T or VOIP related.

Steve Thomas


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I realised at a young age I had a natural attribute for all things IT.  

I love being able to translate business data issues into easy to understand IT solutions.  

My expertise:

  • Manage and maintain all aspects of IT network (LAN-WAN) 

  • Identify, investigate and determine root cause and implement fixes for all network issues and users

  • Implement system to monitor and control user internet usage

  • Implement Warehouse Management Systems, including; inventory systems,  barcoding, reference data loading, grouping, pricing, discounting and specials functionality

  • Develop mission critical reporting

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